Quality Developments Create Quality Communities

Improving a property from raw land to an income-generating commercial investment is a cumbersome process that continuously evolves from start to finish.  However, it can be a very rewarding experience when all of the pieces come together, especially when the development contributes in a meaningful way to the community. At Ryoak Real Estate Group, we believe that we can make the greatest impact on our communities by using our knowledge to provide a tangible benefit - one that affects everyone in the community's lives.


In addition, development experience allows us to have a better understanding of the real estate market as a whole. Working as an appraiser or a broker exposes us to only part of the real estate market; many of the complex back-end elements are rarely seen by anyone who isn't involved in the development process. Experience on the development side allows us to better empathize with clients' or borrowers' struggles when we operate as your broker or appraiser. 


At Ryoak, we've worked on a number of ground-up development or redevelopment projects including retail, multifamily, office, and residential properties, some of which can be seen above.  We partner on most of our projects with retail tenant representatives and civil engineers. This partnership allows us to give our investors a holistic approach to the development project with internal expertise on all of the factors that affect costs and value - such as, site planning, detention, construction costs, tenant-base, lease negotiations, and project management.

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